Our Service Pillars

Our Services are aimed at identifying, empowering and developing Small and Medium Enterprises in Ghana through our 5 pillars.

Policy Advocacy & Development

We give Ghanaian SMEs a voice in National Issues. SMEs contribute more than 50% of GDP and employ over 80% of the workforce.
The chamber represents SMEs in National discourse.
1. Access and Cost of Banking and Financial Services
2. Incentives & Rewards for reaching growth and productivity targets
3. Tax Incentives
4. Corporate Governance Standards
5. Protectionism when necessary

Shared Services

Our Shared services allow SMEs to have access to world-class professionals and resources. Regardless of your size, we provide you with the opportunity to employ top professionals and other resources without increasing your cost.
1. Central professional and qualified Accounting, Auditing, Legal, Procurement, Research and other Services available. Economies of scale to reduce cost significantly
2. Use of Qualified Professionals will be mandatory to gain access and recognition as SME in Ghana

Support Services

We provide professional support services tailored to the needs of SMEs.
At the request of our members, we provide professional Services such as strategy formulation, Financial Planning, Recruitment, Social Media support, etc
1. SMEs may request for specific consultancy Services (e.g.. Strategy Document, Operational Policies and Procedures, Branding, Social Media Strategy etc)
2. Support Services to be offered at highly subsidized fees.

Formalization, Capacity Building & Certification

We provide free or subsidized training and capacity building for Entrepreneurs and their employees. Our very local and International capacity building volunteers guide SMEs to meet and exceed their strategic goals.
1. Standard definition and requirements for formalization.
2.Formalization as a precondition for support and incentives
3. National, Regular, Compulsory Capacity Building
4. Accreditation and Certification to qualify for benefits and incentives.

Business Networking & Central Database

We ensure SMEs are familiar with their colleagues’ businesses and can contact them for business and synergy.
To succeed, SMES must not operate in silos. The chamber is the right platform for business networking and experience sharing
1. Build a national database for SMEs; To be updated monthly
2. A nationwide Accounting & Reporting system 
3. Database is the basis for all SME development programmes

Solutions to help SMEs reach their full potential